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High-Temperature and High-Pressure pH Electrodes,
Reference Electrodes, ORP Electrodes, Conductivity

Corr Instruments offers a full range of exceptionally high performance, high-temperature and high-pressure probes, including pH electrodes, reference electrodes, platinum conductivity probes, and ORP(redox) electrodes, for temperatures up to 650°F (343°C) and pressures up to 5100 psi (35 MPa). These probes are ideal tools for corrosion monitoring, thermodynamic or electrochemical studies in harsh environments such as steam generators, nuclear power reactors, geothermal systems, deep oil/gas wells, and super critical water systems. Many of these probes are built upon our innovative sealing compound, Queon™, which is the only known material in the world for sealing electrical conductors in metal sealing glands or compression feedthroughs that are operable at temperatures between 400°F (200°C) and 650°F (343°C).

Probe Comparison Chart

Temp Specs
Pressure Specs

0 - 305°C
(32 - 581°F)
up to 5100 psi
(350 atm)

80 - 343°C
(176 - 650°F)
up to 4000 psi
(272 atm)

1 - 80°C
(34 - 176°F)
up to 2000 psi
(136 atm)

0 - 305°C
(32 - 581°F)
up to 5100 psi
(350 atm)


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